The future of healthcare begins here. 


A modern medical and wellness center providing clients with a one stop shop to reach their individualized health and wellness goals. 

Weaving Eastern and Western philosophies through an integrative process, our providers work to create a unique treatment plan tailored to you. Guided by evidence based science, we are committed to lifelong education, becoming subject matter experts in our field to better serve our community. 

Hi, I am Dr. Blair Blanchette, BSN, APRN, DNP.

I started Be Your Kind in hopes to provide patients with more resources, options, and support through continuous education and meaningful connections. Creating individualized and customizable treatment plans based on your unique structure, needs, and goals. Because healthcare shouldn’t be a one size fits all. 

Join me on this inclusive journey where we combine holistic healing with modern medicine to create a space for individuals to optimize their health and wellness potential.

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At Be Your Kind, we believe in the power of numbers. Research shows that you are most like the five people you surround yourself with. Even if we don't directly adopt negative attitudes, ideas and behaviors of those we are around most, their mere presence can act on us in insidious ways hindering our ability to achieve our goals and do the things we want to do. This is why Be Your Kind is more than just a clinic- we believe in the power of numbers and accountability- using this community base to build the foundation for a healthier, sustainable, and confident lifestyle.


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“The health and happiness of my clients is my main priority- your success is my success!

I will commit myself to you, relish in your successes and failures, and be there for you every step of the way. All I ask for you is to show up for yourself and believe in the power of Be Your Kind”.

- Blair Blanchette, Founder

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