At Be Your Kind, we offer Platelet-Rich Fibrin injections that harness the natural healing properties of your own plasma and white blood cells for exceptional skin rejuvenation.


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PRF injections provide all-natural anti-aging solutions, harnessing the power of growth factors present in PRF to improve texture, reduce sagging and dark circles, and promote tissue regeneration. Experience the transformative benefits of PRF and unlock the doors to smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

PRF involves separating the components of your own blood using a medical device called a centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma can easily be separated from the rest of the blood components and injected into the face for facial rejuvenation, tissue regeneration, and stimulation of collagen. PRF treatments are performed in a series of three spaced six to eight weeks apart. 
$599 per session - three sessions needed

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PRF Treatment & Pricing

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PRF Pre and Post Care


Please carefully read and follow these instructions before and after your PRP treatment

Please avoid and reschedule your appointment if:

- You have an active cold sore/fever blister
- Facial surgery within the last 8 weeks
- Significant event planned in the next week as it may take up to two weeks for swelling to subside

AVOID: Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve (all non-steroidal and steroidal anti-inflammatory agents), Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other essential fatty acids for 2 weeks prior to and 3 weeks after your treatment. Remember, we are creating inflammation, to stimulate healing and tissue regeneration.

Minimize: Alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes for 2 days before and after treatment

If you have an active cold sore/fever blister, treatment will need to be delayed. If you have any questions regarding cold sores, please contact our office at the number listed below.

Post care

Do NOT touch, press, rub, or manipulate the treated area (s) for 24 hours after your treatment

Do not use any lotions, creams, or make-up for at last 12 hours after your treatment. 

Avoid vigorous exercise, sun and heat exposure for 3 days post treatment

It is normal to experience bruising, redness, itching, soreness, and swelling that may last from 3-10 days following your procedure. 

End results depend on many factors, including the aggressiveness of the treatment, adherence to post treatment care regimen, proper nutrition and good general health. The most important being the degree of cumulative sun and environmental damage to your skin and tissues. 

Treatments are designed to maximize the results of the treatment within safe and predictable parameters. The number of treatments needed cannot always be accurately predicted, even under the best of circumstances. Appropriate intervals between treatments are needed to allow the healing process to complete the cycle. The next treatment is then decided upon, given the results of the previous one.

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